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What is The Project? What is Leprosy? Q&A

Hello everyone!

Since it has been a while since I last told you all how The Project is coming along I thought I would write an update.

Firstly, throughout this I would like to reiterate that the project is still continuing and that last year’s September 19th launch date is still active, however currently I have decided to shift my focus onto other ideas and concepts to return to racing in the near future.

Although this may be seen as an early failure, I am taking it all in my stride as a number of unexpected issues arose while trying to explain the concept to potential backers and individuals. The first stumbling block was that according to The World Health Organisation, WHO, Leprosy has been cured as the amount of people suffering from the condition dropped below a certain percentage.

However from talking to people in countries such as Nepal and India, since this announcement has been made, the amount of cases of Leprosy has begun to rise once more, as the awareness simply is not there.

The second issue was trust. I admit I am a completely unknown entity at this moment in time, why would a distinguished member of society or business with a strong reputation risk it all on me when they do not know who I am? Although many of these people are willing to help, I feel that to make it as successful as it can be, I need to be racing first to show these people who I am and what I can achieve, which I completely understand.

The third issue was the money needed In reference to my second point, the amount of money needed to ensure the project launched successfully was high and with such a unique idea, those I approached were sceptical about forwarding themselves onto an unknown concept and idea.

I can guarantee you that I am in no way upset by those who have said they cannot support me currently, as I respect their reasoning fully.

I have got ideas in the pipeline regarding returning to racing, which incorporate other passions of mine.

I hope to give you all some more news soon!

Thank you for reading!  

The First Hit List

Below is a link to “The Hit Lists” where you will find links to each “Hit List” and the people who I would like to take a drive in my car once The Project returns. Take a look at the people chosen to see why each person has made it onto The Hit List and for what reason.